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Research topics


  • Biophotonics (functional near-infrared spectroscopy [fNIRS], NIRS-based cerebral oximetry, in vivo spectroscopic assessment of hemodynamics and metabolism in tissue, analysis of ultra-weak photon emission of biosystems, photobiology)
  • Neuroscience and integrative physiology (brain research using fNIRS, multimodal fNIRS measurements and analysis [i.e. relationship between cerebral and systemic signals]; physiological modelling)
  • Biomedical signal processing (peak detection, time-frequency analysis, non-linear signal analysis, signal decomposition, artifact detection and removal, image processing, data mining)
  • Biophysics: bioelectromagnetics (endogenous electromagnetic fields and their biological significance, effects of artificial electromagnetic fields on biosystems), cell biophysics and chronoastrobiology
  • Physics (condensed matter nuclear science, nuclear physics, astrophysics)

[A more detailed description will follow]


Scientific collaborations

I collaborate with other scientists in the international research community.