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With my own company (Swiss sole proprietorship, “Einzelfirma”), I am offering commercial services in the following domains:

Data analysis

  • Time-series analysis in the time-, frequency or time-frequency domain
  • Linear and non-linear time-series analysis
  • Time-series decomposition, feature extraction, noise/artifact removal or signal reconstruction
  • Data mining using symbolic regression
  • Statistical data analysis (frequentist and Bayesian methods)
  • Image analysis
  • Visualisation of numerical results and creation of scientific illustrations

Example service: Processing of a large set of recorded biosignals by filtering, noise/artifact removal, segmentation and characterisation, followed by a statistical analysis and visualisation of the results.

Scientific consulting

  • Support in study planning
  • Support for evaluation of ethical approval for studies
  • Evaluation of measurements, statistical analysis and reports
  • Providing advice and recommendations to solve issues concerning scientific research projects
  • Literature research and writing of scientific reports upon

Example service: Design of a study involving non-invasive measurements on human subjects, creating the documents for submission to the ethical committee, guidance in performing the measurements, statistical data analysis and writing a report of the study results.

Physical engineering

  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields indoor or outdoor (dosimetry and field characterisation, i.e. frequency content, directionality, modulation)
    Available equipment: (1) HF59B (Gigaherz Solutions; frequency range: 800 MHz to 2.7/3.3 GHz, electromagnetic field measurement), (2) ME3830B (Gigaherz Solutions; frequency range: 16-100 kHz electrical or magnetic field measurement), (3) NFA30M (Gigaherz Solutions; frequency range: 16-23 kHz, 3D magnetic field measurement), (4)
  • Measurement of radioactive radiation (dosimetry and isotope identification)
    Available equipment: (1) Radex RD1212 portable Geiger counter and data logger (Quarta-Rad; range: 0.05-999.0 µSv/h), (2) ORION II (Sohtech) gamma spectrometer with Bicron scintillation detector (energy range: 25-1500 keV) with software for automatic nuclide identification and dosimetry, (3) USB-SA44B (Signal Hound), 4.4 GHz spectrum analyzer (frequency range: 1 Hz to 4.4 GHz)

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